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Textile Training Services

We at vital consulting have developed this Professional Training Services to train the candidates in their respective domain. With our Training Services, we assist the candidates in getting a foot-hold in their field so that they can get desired job with high salary packages. Moreover, with our services, we boost their confidence level, communication as well as interpersonal skills.This Textile Training services is ment for candidates who want to work or already working in an Garment or Home textile Export or Buying house. Textile training services has following modules.

  • QA/QC Training
  • Technical skill for Quality manager
  • Garment/ Home textile Inspection (AQL Inspection)
  • Fabric Inspection
  • Soft and Technical Skills for merchandisers
  • Garment manufacturing Training
  • Principles of Textile Testing
  • Practical approach to understand Textiles
  • Customised Training for staff( in-house training at factory premises).

What is organic Textiles?

The textile fibres that are grown in a organic manner.One can not use in- organic fertilizer & pesticides during harvesting of crop. One have to use natural resources like compost & other means to increase the yields & to prevents it from pest attack. During processing of textiles like spinning,weaving,dyeing,printing,garmenting ,one have to use organic /natural product in the process. so it starts from harvesting of crops ends with labeling of the textile products.

QA/QC Training

  • Definition of Quality
  • Process flow chart of an Export/Buying house
  • Fabric inspection(4-point inspections)
  • AQL inspection
  • ACC/Trims inspection
  • Cutting inspections
  • Stitching inspection
  • Finishing & Packing inspections

Garment/ Home Textile Inspections

  • Definition of quality
  • need of inspections
  • Statistically Inspections technique
  • AQL inspections type
  • Initial/DUPRO/Pre Shipment inspection
  • Defects Type
  • Final shipment inspection procedure

Merchandiser Training

  • Process flow chart of an Export/Buying House
  • Fabric types
  • Printing & Dyeing technique
  • lab testing
  • Production knowledge
  • Costing
  • T&A
  • Docket file
  • Communication skill

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