In the wake of the recent happenings in and around Delhi and the concern expressed by the parent fraternity over the safety and security of children, Accredium provides  School Safety Audit   to ensure a safe, sound and happy environment for your children .



The safety audit would cover the ENTRY AND EXIT, Visitors entry in log, visitors escorted by a guard., scanners for frisking all visitors, Visitors ID Card
CCTV (SCHOOL PREMISES), Additional cameras to cover – staircase,
field , entry exit of the toilets, DRIVERS & CONDUCTORS

Not permitted to enter school premises during school hours
Use separate Portable toilet, the area of which is out of bounds for students
Drinking water made available outside school premises
Police verification done
Workshop on POCSO conducted regularly
Advertised for licensed conductors

House keeping boys use separate Portable toilet, the area of which is out of bounds for students
On duty outside washrooms during school hours
Workshop on POCSO conducted regularly

Police verification of all house-keeping staff
Cleaning of washroom in the presence of Supervisor. Students not permitted to enter during cleaning process.


Student friendly furniture.
Periodic checks of electrical fittings
Regular maintenance work undertaken
Equipment and Chemicals in the lab are monitored and used as per guidelines ensuring student safety
Usage of Safety goggles and lab coats in chemistry lab
Fire fighting system installed
Terrace Entry Exit out of bounds for students
Railings on all floors secure for student safety
Electrical power points to be fitted with safety sockets

Provides basic First-Aid
Tie up with FORTIS for follow-up
One vehicle Innova designated for medical emergency


7am-2 teachers at Gate,2 at Front Desk,1 each at all 3 floors and 1 at Canteen area


Follow a daily roster
Done during Break and dispersal time


Roster made at beginning of every month and mailed to all staff
Teachers on bus duty till last stop
Report sent after completion of duty every day by all teachers on all routes


Teachers escorting students till class 2
Teachers to escort students till class V for activities.
Female teacher to be present in the field during Games period

Student dossiers and regular follow up
Shadow support by parents (in some cases)
Awareness through KOMAL video (Link provided on school website)

All bus routes have a teacher and support staff on board.
Attendance taken
Escorted by teacher and support staff to the buses.
Handed over to person authorised to pick up child.

Route lines escorted by teacher and Support staff to the buses.
Attendance taken by route incharge
All bus routes have a teacher on board.
Teacher sends a report after route is complete
To have regular feedback from students ( As suggested by PTA)
Attendance taken in bus
All bus routes have a teacher on board.
Teacher sends a report after route is complete
To have regular feedback from students ( As suggested by PTA)
CCTV cameras installed in all buses, Footage monitored & reported everyday
teachers on duty till last stop,
First aid boxes in place,
Route wise bus drivers Contact No on website
Student details with contact numbers of parents available in bus
All Permits in place

Name & Contact details of drivers and helpers
vehicle numbers and Registration details of vans
At dispersal time attendance marked in register
Escorted by teacher till the exit gate
Teacher checks Student ID cards available with the van driver before handing over
Circular to be issued to parents using private transport to ensure police verification of drivers and helpers. In case of Non-Compliance children will not be allowed to board the van/army bus. Also awaiting other guidelines regarding Private Vans by the Govt.

Army bus numbers and registration details
Done after all buses leave
For classes I-V students handed over personally to the parent
For classes VI-XII main exit gate is open, students go on their own

CBSE SAFERY AUDIT for Schools In India Delhi-NCR



The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has formulated and circulated detailed guidelines to its affiliated schools for safety of students in schools and prevention of accidents relating to school children.  Rule 8.5 of the Affiliation Bye laws prescribes that “the School should scrupulously observe prescription from the Municipal Authority/District Collectorate/Transport Department regarding drinking water, fire safety and transport precautions in the school. A certificate from the Municipal/Fire/Transport Authority regarding sanitary conditions, water/fire/transport safety should be submitted along with the application. A fresh certificate regarding fulfilment of these requirements should be obtained and submitted to the Board every five years.

Schools Safety Asssesssment Services in DelhiNCR



The Schedule to the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009 provides for norms and standard for a school, which inter alia stipulate for all-weather school building. Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan scheme, School Management Committees (SMCs) can avail of training on all aspects of safety and security of children in schools.  The guidelines on Food Safety and Hygiene for School Level Kitchen under the Mid Day Meal scheme stress on the safety aspects of procurement, storage and preparation of food items.

safety Audit of Schools in India



The State Governments and affiliating boards for schools have the responsibility to ensure that schools provide a safe and child friendly environment.  This Ministry had written on 27th July, 2004 to all States and Union Territories (UTs) directing that school buildings should be free from inflammable and toxic materials and there should be provision for adequate emergency exits and adequate supply of water and sand for fire fighting purposes.  Further, this Ministry’s guidelines issued on 9th October, 2014 state that school buildings should be resistant to earthquakes, fire, safe from floods and other calamities.

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Not all children in India are lucky to enjoy their childhood. Many of them are forced to work under inhuman conditions where their miseries know no end.  Though there are laws banning child labour, still children continue to be exploited as cheap labour. It is because the authorities are unable to implement the laws meant to protect children from being engaged as labourers.

Unfortunately, the actual number of child labourers in India goes un-detected. Children are forced to work is completely unregulated condition without adequate food, proper wages, and rest. They are subjected to physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Factors such as poverty, lack of social security, the increasing gap between the rich and the poor have adversely affected children more than any other group. We have failed to provide universal education, which results in children dropping out of school and entering the labour force.

Due to high poverty and poor schooling opportunities, child labour is quite prevalent in India. Child labour is found in rural as well as urban areas. The 2001 census found an increase in the number of child labourers from 11.28 million in 1991 to 12.59 million.

Children comprise 40% of the labour in the precious stone cutting sector. They are also employed in other industries such as mining, zari and embroidery, dhabas, tea stalls and restaurants and in homes as domestic labour.

In india children are likely to be worst suffer from child labour and no one is their to help them so, we are start to help them throught our audit services in which we investigate all require important points… It is a big  problem  even today also…. we need to work on this issue with full support .