Wallmart accept SA8000 Standard for the Approved Compliance programme

Source: http://www.sa-intl.org

The Walmart, The multinational retailing corporation Walmart has announced it will begin to accept the SA8000® Standard as one of the eight currently approved social compliance programs in its Responsible Sourcing Program in mid-2017.

This is also to confirm that  the SA8000 Recognized By Governments
ISEAL Alliance: Governmental Use of Voluntary Standards Case Study 10: Tuscany Region (Italy) and the SA8000 Standard for Social Accountability (2008)

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI ) does also accepts as Credible standards for BSCI. The Foreign Trade Association’s Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) recognizes the SA8000® Standard as a credible system for BSCI participants to detect and monitor labor conditions in their supply chains. BSCI participants sourcing from organizations that are SA8000-certified may include this information in the BSCI IT Platform to avoid audit duplication.



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